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ComPlex Plastics Inc.


  • Typical storage losses for unprotected outdoor storage of round bale hay can be up to 15-30% of dry matter
  • As an alternative to barn storage, protecting round bale hay is to use plastic wrap in modified round balers.
  • BalerWrap is a single sided 1.5 mil cling film that is applied to dry hay in the bale chamber as a replacement for net wrap and twine
  • Each bale requires 2.5 layers of film to insure good adhesion and one year protection against ultra violet light degradation
  • Cost of BalerWrap is approximately $2.10 for a 5 Foot diameter bale.
  • Combining the water repelling technology of  BalerWrap plastic covers with some drainage around the base of the bale, and you have roughly the equivalent of barn stored hay.


Sales/Service Department

Telephone : NORTH AMERICA  1-888-PLASTIK or 1-800-363-2870
Telephone : INTERNATIONAL 001-514-696-6767
       FAX :  USA & CANADA (514) 696-2637      


Sales & Information :

USA EAST COAST : info@complexplastics.com USA WEST COAST : mike@complexplastics.com

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